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My NVC Journey

I was introduced to Nonviolent Communication in 2017 by my dear friend Johanna Annahoj as a tool for dealing with internal and external conflict. My heart was holding both mourning and joy in that period. I was going through what felt like a very painful separation. I had heard of NVC before then but it wasn't until that conversation with my friend that it seemed like it could be directly and personally relevant to me. I could see walls rising as thick insurmountable boundaries between people I cared about, in the face of pain and incompatible strategies, where there had once been friendship and connection. I felt powerless to preserve the sense of connection among us, that common ground of shared human experience. I did not have the tools to cope with our mutating relations. And then, thanks to Johanna, I was inspired to google Marshall Rosenberg and stumbled upon the video of his San Francisco seminar (Here is the link: I became enchanted with the world of Nonviolent Communication - or, by the name that I prefer, Compassionate Communication, and I began to feel hopeful that another relational paradigm was possible - one that was not based on black and white, right and wrong, good and bad - but rather, one that allowed for all the colours of the rainbow and the coexistence of personal truths - aware that it would require a conscious paradigm shift to unlearn the norms that have been inculcated in us and go back to doing what Rosenberg claims we already know how to do... to connect in a way that makes natural giving possible.

Since then, I have dedicated much of my time to learning, training, practicing and sharing NVC through workshops, daily and weekly practices with myself, with others, and, most importantly, though sometimes I have the impression of stumbling in my intentions, in my attempt to embody it in my everyday life. For those who are interested in taking an NVC course, I highly recommend the courses offered by Connecting2Life, an NVC learning community that has greatly contributed to making my life even more wonderful:


English translation: “Thank you for the love, the passion, the energy, and the time you dedicated to us today, which resonate in the universe, touching even those who were not present here today.”


What I am offering

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1-on-1 Empathy Sessions

I offer 1-on-1 empathy sessions in person or via Zoom of 1 hour duration.
In these empathy sessions, my intention is, first and foremost, to hear you fully in your experience and give you my full presence while you are sharing until you reach a sense of completion. I will always check with you if you are open to hearing me before intervening with any words. My focus in these sessions is on listening.

Mediations and Dialogue Facilitation for Couples

The style of mediation I have trained in is empathy-based, not strategy-oriented. In other words, I’m not there to take sides or strategize solutions or provide course of action. What I’m there for is to help you hear each other. My role is to facilitate the conversation between you while navigating "difficult" emotions such as pain, anger, sadness, regret, guilt. My role involves making sure that the message you wish to convey to the other person is indeed what is being heard on the other end and that you are also hearing what the other side has to say. If I hear you express something that I think is unlikely to be heard, should I intervene, I’ll reformulate while always checking with you first, at every step, to make sure my understanding is accurate.

Couples Therapy

“Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there.”

~ Rumi

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