Dear friends, 


Myself and a group of other people are offering some empathy sessions for free as part of an Empathy Project to practice our listening skills. I am/We are looking for volunteers to participate in what we call an “Empathy Session". An empathy session is a space where you can express what’s on your mind and the person listening is fully there with you in his/her attention and will follow you in what you are sharing, You can do the session with me or if you prefer doing it with someone you do not have a history with, you can try a session with one of my colleagues. 


My sessions last approximately 45 minutes (with a 10-minute window of flexibility and there is the possibility of a follow-up session if there is anything that feels incomplete that wishes for more exploration). I view the empathy session as a chance to sit with and hold space or explore whatever is going on within you, either in the precise instant of our being together

or more generally, in your life. It can move into being focused on different aspects in your life: a challenging situation you are in, decisions you are struggling with, challenging feelings you are dealing with, something you would like more inner clarity with. It may be big or small, according to your choosing. You can share what is on your mind without being interrupted, judged or analyzed. My focus will not be on the details or story of what you are sharing but my intention is to bring my full attention to your experience of it and simply to connect to what is going on within you moment by moment. 

I recommend choosing a room/space/area that feels safe to you and bringing anything that makes you feel comfortable (I'll be sitting with a mug of tea!) 

and I like to dedicate the first 2-3 minutes to just settling in and doing a check-in of how we are feeling in that moment.

I will be keeping time. 


If you are interested or would like to know more, please send me a message:

Please feel free to pass this on to whomever you think may need it or may be interested in participating in the Empathy Project. Thank you!


~ Ki

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